Become a Member Today!

We welcome all qualified individuals to become members of the Actuarial Society of Greater New York.

To become an ASNY voting member you must:

  • Work or live in the greater New York area
  • Belong to SOA or AAA (as an ASA or FSA) or be an
  • Enrolled Actuary (pending vote)
  • Pay ASNY dues ($35.00)

Membership Type

To become a member you must meet the terms of eligibility listed above. If you are interested in joining ASNY, but are not a qualified actuary, you may join as a non-voting member. Dues and event access are the same for voting and non-voting members, but only voting members can run for ASNY offices or participate in voting.


Membership benefits

  • Discounts on ASNY Events
  • Notification of ASNY Events
  • Eligibility to run for ASNY Offices
  • Voting rights for ASNY Offices


Membership is effective from 12/1 to 11/30 the following year. Memberships purchased later in the year will cost the full amount. For example, if you sign up on 12/30/2020 or 11/1/2021, your membership will be effective up until 11/30/2021.