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2018 ASNY Spring Meeting
New York Marriott Downtown Hotel
85 West Street (at Albany Street)
New York, NY 10006
Monday, June 18, 2018, 12:30 PM - 7:00 PM EDT
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* Update: Attendee list can be found here.

We are very excited for this year's ASNY Spring Meeting being held on Monday, June 18th at the New York Marriott Downtown Hotel.

The meeting will commence with a general professionalism session followed by breakout sessions. At the breakout sessions an accomplished group of industry leaders will present on a broad range of topics of interest including actuarial and IT partnerships, actuarial governance, and evolving regulations.


12:30 - 1:00 pm:  Registration

1:00 - 1:10 pm:  Opening Remarks
Sarah Valani | KPMG and ASNY VP of Meetings

1:10 - 1:20 pm:  Club Business
 Noor Rajah | Optimizing Foundations and ASNY President

1:20 - 2:10 pm:  General Session:  SOA Section Leader Panel
Daphne Kwan, FSA, MAAA | SOA Modeling section
                   Housseine Essaheb, FSA, MAAA, CERA | SOA Tax section
                   Vincent Xuan, FSA, MAAA | SOA International section
                   William Rearden, ASA | SOA Entrepreneurial & Innovation section
                   William Cember, FSA, MAAA | Prudential

                   The SOA Section Leader Panel will include a diverse set of leaders from the Entrepreneurial & Innovation, Modeling, International, and Tax sections. Attendees will get to see what it means to be part of an SOA section and get a down-to-earth discussion of things the various sections are doing. Additional discussion topics will include volunteering for a section, section involvement with current events, and how the sections interact with each other. 

2:10 - 3:00 pm:  General Session:  Professionalism in Action: An Update on ASOPs and the Applicability Guidelines
                   Cande Olsen, FSA, MAAA, CLU | ARCGA
                   There are three cornerstones of actuarial professionalism: the Code of Conduct, the U.S. Qualification Standards, and the Actuarial Standards of Practice. And while these three pillars serve as a strong and stable foundation, it’s important to know that standards and their application can and do change. This session will focus on professionalism as it applies to Actuarial Standards of Practice, starting with a review of the structure of the Actuarial Standards Board and the standards-setting process.  It will discuss recently approved and exposed ASOPs, as well as provide a discussion of upcoming revisions to ASOPs, and the development of new ASOPs. The presentation will also include a review of the recently updated Applicability Guidelines, published by the American Academy of Actuaries’ Council on Professionalism, which are intended to suggest to actuaries which ASOPs might provide guidance to them on more common assignments.

3:20 - 4:20 pm:  Breakout Session 1

  • Actuarial Data Governance
    Alex Zaidlin, FSA, MAAA, ACIA | KPMG
          Benjamin Farnsworth, FSA, MAAA, CERA | KPMG
          Actuarial data is a segment of the overall insurance company data that is meant to support actuarial operations including experience analysis, modeling, valuation and financial reporting. Since actuarial data is a critical asset for the insurers, it needs to be held to high standards of accuracy and completeness. Actuarial data governance frameworks are put in place to guide data owners and users through collecting, transforming, cleansing, maintaining, controlling and using actuarial data. At this session we will discuss the benefits of actuarial data governance, framework components and steps for implementing a data governance framework at your company.
  • Working Together - Actuaries and Data Scientists
          Conrad Chen | Munich RE
          Eileen S. Burns, FSA, MAAA | Milliman 
          Changes in the technological landscape: In a short period of time, technology has created new data and enabled advanced analytics to flourish. The growth of data, maturity of open source tools, and advancements in analytics are bringing about new opportunities and challenges for the life industry. This session will highlight advantages of the R language for predictive modeling and accompanying tools and packages for documentation, reproducible research, and data visualization.
  • IFRS 17 Overview
    Emily Lorentzen, FSA, MAAA | KPMG
          This session will provide an overview of the IFRS 17 standard issued by the IASB in May of 2017.  There will be a focus on how companies are beginning to address several of the new concepts during early implementation activities.

4:40 - 5:40 pm:  Breakout Session 2

  • InsurTech Product Development- An Actuary's Role
          Michael House, FSA | Haven Life
          Benjamin Tran, FSA, CERA | Montoux
          This session will cover how two actuaries transitioned to non-traditional actuarial roles in Insurtech. The focus will be on challenges faced during agile development and applying scrum for both software and insurance product development.

  • Predictive Analytics- Why it's important to you
          Martin Snow FSA, MAAA | Atidot
          Terry Long, FSA, MAAA | Lewis & Ellis
          Actuaries are more frequently interacting with predictive analytics projects. This session will review key concepts and techniques of predictive analytics projects as well as discuss case studies. 
  • US GAAP Target Improvements
          Gavin Stewart, FSA, MAAA | KPMG
          Laura Gray, FSA, MAAA | KPMG
          The FASB’s targeted improvements to US GAAP long-duration contract accounting will have significant implications on actuarial and finance operations including data-focused processes, assumption development, modeling, and financial reporting.  This session will provide a summary of the proposed changes and potential implications as well as discuss impacts to the liability and DAC calculation for traditional life products. 

5:40 - 7:00 pm:  Networking Cocktail Reception



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Presentations will be uploaded at the bottom of the page as they are received from presenters.

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